March 21

Percentages Projects

We did an amazing job on our percentages projects over the last two weeks. We completed lots of examples on our mini whiteboards first, then learned how to apply them to our chosen shop. Well done 5th class!

March 6

Percentages Project

This fortnight, we have been working really hard on percentages. We have learned how to convert fractions to percentages and to decimals… and back again! The next step is to put our percentages work into practice and find out how to find a percentage of a number, and then either take it away or add it on to make a percentage increase or decrease. Here’s the link to what we are doing in class. I will also add a video which explains how to find a percentage of a number.

Stay tuned for some pictures of the finished products!

December 7

New Zealand

The month of November was an exciting one. We learned all about New Zealand through Geography, History and Science. We even took part in a Haka workshop. Take a look at what we did.