February 28

A trip to the park!

We had so much fun in St. Anne’s on Friday 24th of February. We went to the playground, had a picnic and then played a big game of ‘Man Hunt’ in the forestry area. It’s always a pleasure bringing them on a trip and sixth class were really well behaved. Check out a few fabulous pictures by our SNA Ms. Young and her fancy camera!

December 10

The Best Fun!

I couldn’t be prouder of the cast of Shrek the Musical! We had an absolute blast and I think the photos speak for themselves. Well done to all of the children and adults involved, both on stage and behind the scenes!

November 16

Science week!

We have been researching famous scientists as it’s science week. We found out that Albert Einstein had dyslexia and we liked his quote ‘learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow’.

November 1

The Crocus Project

This month, sixth class have been learning about World War 2. We were really interested in this topic and we learned what it meant to be an evacuee, what the role of women was during the war, and much more! Learning about the Holocaust made us sad, but we enjoyed planting crocuses in memory of all the children who died during this time.

We hope that these beautiful flowers bloom in the spring time.

September 11

Class Economy

6th class are VERY excited about our new classroom rewards system. The children all got their own debit card and can earn money by completing their classroom job, as well as getting bonuses for working hard, being kind to their friends and for being enthusiastic about learning. 6th class scan the QR code on their debit card which enables them to update their bank accounts each Friday. The best part is they can either save up their money to buy class vouchers, or they can buy stickers or treats. We are working on saving our money so that we will be able to pay table tax when the time comes.

September 11

Back to School!

6th class have really enjoyed being back to school. 6th class is a really exciting year, and they are already looking forward to their first coffee morning on Wednesday 14th September. Here are some pictures around the classroom to show what we have gotten up to over the last two weeks.

Developing empathy.
Classroom jobs.
What we’ll build together this year!